This chipmunk trap was designed by a gardener in Pennsylvania, and used by a professional wildlife and chipmunk removal expert in the field. In five months of testing and re-design, this trap has safely caught and removed dozens of pest chipmunks. Now it's available to the public! Guaranteed as the most effective chipmunk trap available, pet safe, and catches rats too.

Chipmunk Trapping and Prevention

If you are on the look to get rid of chipmunks, you first need to remember that it is actually a tough task. They might be cute to observe, however they might be the most annoying creatures, when then break up earth in your backyard and pop up out all of a sudden to embarrass and frighten you. They intend to chase other chipmunks and also run everywhere. When they become comfortable, they begin to live inside your home or yard. They might steal your cat and dog food. They might even dig down in your ceilings and walls. They might chew wires and wood too.

There are various ways to get rid of chipmunks. The simplest way is to employ an exterminator. Other methods like making use of traps, using repellents to get rid of them are also widely followed. However repellents do not provide good results and hiring an exterminator is the most inhumane thing you can ever do.

Instead of these, you can easily get rid of the chipmunks by using a live trap. If you possess only a few chipmunks that cause trouble at your place, then you can borrow a trap for some time. You can easily get one by making a call to the local courthouse to get to know if they can lend you one. You can even ask your friends and family for a small trap. Most probably, someone is sure to have one in their garage, which you can easily borrow for some week’s time. If you are not able to borrow, then you can opt to buy one. The traps are really inexpensive. You can purchase one from your nearest hardware store.

Once you have a trap, you then need to have a plan of action. You need to outsmart the chipmunks in order to trap them. Make sure that you read all the directions of usage of the trap and get to the procedure in which it works. It is very much significant to set the trap appropriately. You also need to use the right bait. Marshmallow crème and Peanut butter are said to be the best choice.

You can even sprinkle some seeds or nuts on the top. You need to use something that the chipmunk will discover to be tasty and at the same time, it needs to lick off. You must also know where to place the trap. The best place would be where you observe or believe the chipmunk to be visiting often. If you are not able to trap the chipmunk in a day or two, change the trap to another location.

When you catch hold of the chipmunk, take it at least 5 miles away from your place, because you don’t want him to come back again and cause trouble to you.

When you have reached 5 miles from your house, open the trap and wait for the animal to run away. When you are back home, rebait the trap and set it again. Leave it for a couple of weeks. There might be some more chipmunks in your surroundings.

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